Marchioness Magazine Issue 1

Marchioness Magazine Issue 1

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Marchioness Magazine Issue 1

Published December 2020


Marchioness magazine is an independently run fashion publication profiling femmes of the fashion, film and art world run by ultimate boss-bitch and style slayer, Madame le Bourgeois.

Issue #1 theme -> Our shared desire to escape to another place and time, to be anywhere but the chaos of 2020, has, at times, been overwhelming this year. Unable to escape physically, it is the virtual world that can offer respite... 

Have you joined the @90sanxiety bandwagon, drooling over images of 90s celebrity couples we’d forgotten? Are you wishing to chase noughties nostalgia down virtual rabbit holes? Or wanting to mark the 25th anniversary of the cult film Party Girl? Dying to read about the Fanning twin’s Victorian research for their latest Kiko collection? Want to relieve ‘THE GIRL WHO DIDN’T GO TO PARIS’ trope from The Devil Wears Prada The Hills circa 2006? Or be transported by Michelle Tea’s Paris Fashion Week fairytale that features a free Fendi and partying with Beth Ditto? 

 Whatever takes your fancy, we hope the pages of Marchioness provide a fun NOSTALGIA trip, along with a momentary break from the reality of 2020.