Some Things Run Wild - Herons!

Some Things Run Wild - Herons!

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Some Things Run Wild by Herons!

Published by Spaghetti For Brains, 2017

Softcover with album download code.

Herons! is a musical project consisting of rotating membership, with songwriter Ben Kritikos the only permanent fixture. They have released two full-length recordings: So Long! (2010) and Some Things Run Wild (2017). Herons make music in the spirit of DIY culture.


Some Things Run Wild (2017) is a record that aims to explore how people produce meaning in a world of violently competing ideologies and the desires that underpin them. Each song presents a different ‘narrator’ who articulates the underlying ambivalences of a world in permanent crisis. Eschewing the typical album format, Some Things Run Wild is available via download code embedded in a zine of texts and images that supplement and extend the content of the record