Tenderness - Aaron Moth

Tenderness - Aaron Moth

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Tenderness by Aaron Moth

Published by Forma Editions, 2021


Aaron Moth explains that “the sexual act is one of the most beautiful experiences that connects two people”. The sensual cohesion of tenderness perfectly translates this apparently simple idea. If
the curated imagery is its explicit expression, the carefully selected shapes and beautifully tarnished shades unify this series in an evocative sense of poetry.
The gentleness in this body of work contrasts with the rawness of the source of the material: vintage adult photography and discarded book covers left in the streets of berlin. The very nature of those fragments of staged intimacy reflects the love life taboos still encountered by an increasingly vocal community from the 1960s to 1980s. Far from being anachronic today, the collages convey the emotions, the desires, the dreams of new generations who are still victims of political vilification and societal intolerance across the world.

Aaron Moth is a Berlin based Polish artist. His work can be found in private collections, among others, in Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Poland, Brazil and the United States of America.